Governing Bodies

The Diocese of Utah is governed by Diocesan Council and Standing Committee as well as by resolutions passed at Diocesan Conventions. Council and Committee members are elected at Diocesan Convention by the delegates from the congregations of the Church in Utah and Northern Arizona.

For full descriptions of these diocesan offices, refer to the constitution and canons

Standing Committee

In addition to being a council of advice to the bishop, the Standing Committee consents to the purchase, financial encumbrance, and sale of diocesan property. The Committee also gives consent for ordinations within the diocese and consent for the ordination and consecration of bishops in other dioceses. It also serves as the ecclesiastical authority of the Diocese when there is no bishop. The Standing Committee also has oversight of the process for electing a Bishop. The Standing Committee meets monthly.

Diocesan Council

The Diocesan Council develops, adopts and monitors the annual budget of the Diocese, as well as advises the Bishop on financial issues. A Finance Committee often recommends various budgetary items, however the Council maintains approval powers of the budget. Council also has oversight concerning Diocesan programs, and discusses strategic planning. Diocesan Council meets the first Saturday of the month at the Episcopal Church Center of Utah, those outside of the Salt Lake metro area can often join the meetings electronically.