Search/Nominating Committee #9 | Mike Mitchell

As mentioned in my last article, the Nominating/Search Committee for our next Bishop met on a Zoom conference call on January 23. Because of COVID, 19 the committee reviewed a new Search Calendar of dates. For transparency the following dates were reviewed by the committee and approved by the Standing Committee as key dates we will follow as the search goes forward:


Review of Diocesan Survey———————————————March

Listening Groups———————————————————-April 10-May 10

Diocesan Convention—————————————————-April 24   

Profile Released———————————————————–Late July   

(Nominations open 3 weeks)                                                         

Zoom Interviews———————————————————–Sept/Oct      

Search meeting/invitations Semifinalists—————————–late October



Discernment Retreat——————————————————January 11-14

Slate of candidate to Standing Committee ————————–January 22

   (Petition Process Opens)

Petitioners Announced —————————————————March 10

Diocesan Meet and Greet (tentative)———————————-March 21-26

Election————————————————————————April 29-30  

Consecration—————————————————————–September 17


Please note that on April 10-May 10 the Search/Nominating Committee will start Listening Groups. For parishioners we will offer ten sessions. You will be able to sign up to participate and we will hold to one hour listening sessions, up to fifteen people for ten sessions. We will do this by Zoom. 

We feel that with the survey and listening groups, the feedback we receive from you will be critical in the completion of the Position Profile.


Peace and Blessings, 

Mike Mitchell 

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