Search/Nominating Committee #7 | Mike Mitchell

After a five-month sabbatical (because of COVID 19), the Search/Nominating Committee for our new bishop met by Zoom Conference call on January 23.  Rev Michael Carney (Committee Chair) reviewed key dates for the continuation of the search.  Publication of dates will be made later.  A key date is for the Diocesan wide survey, which will be made available later this month.  It will be published in both English and Spanish.  The Search/Nominating Committee wants to hear from you.

As we search for a Bishop, it’s important to gather as much information from as many individuals as possible.  All congregants and clergy within our Diocese are invited to complete the survey. What do you think we should seek in a Bishop?  The characteristics you identify are vital to leading our Diocese and will guide our discernment process.  The survey will guide us in what we seek in our next Bishop and will become the integral part of the Diocese Profile.    

As mentioned in previous article the Search/Nominating Committee commissioned a company by the name of Holy Cow to conduct the survey.  They have conducted more than a dozen survey’s nationally for the search for Episcopal Bishops. 

The survey will be circulated to all Parishes on February 28 through March 17, 2021.  A link will be provided in your Parish newsletter or Parish email.  We also provide a written survey for those who may not have access to a computer through your Parish. 

When the survey is disturbed to all Parishes, we encourage you to participate and take an active role in completing it.  Your voice is important to our search. 


Peace and Blessings,


Mike Mitchell

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