Search/Nominating Committee #5 | Mike Mitchell

The Nominating/Search Committee met on Saturday April 18th via videoconference call.  Because of these uncertain times, the primary discussion evolved around the time release of the Diocesan Survey, the status of the position Profile and the overall status of the search process.  The survey is critical to understand the thoughts, desires and talents in what we are looking for in our next Bishop.     

That is especially true in drafting the position Profile.  Just a word about the Profile and how it is interconnected with the Survey.  The Profile is a narrative that is published within the Episcopal Church nationally.  It serves as a narrative or outline of Diocese of Utah history/Parish’s geographical locations, Utah and greater Salt Lake City Culture and Core values of the Diocese.  It would also include financials of the Diocese and what we seek in our next Bishop.  This is about a 15-20-page document that includes a number of pictures of Diocese ministries and also the ministries of parishes within the Diocese.  Once the Profile is published the Nominating/Search Committee will be accepting applications.  

With all of that said and the uncertain times we are in, the committee felt that it would be best to distribute the survey when church services will resume.   Prior to the suspension of Church services, the Survey was ready to be distributed.  The completed survey will be interpreted by Holy Cow, the management consulting company who will be conducting the survey, and presented to the Nominating/Search Committee who will present to the Standing Committee. 

The Profile was scheduled to be completed by July 1.  However, because of the impact of COVID-19, in its April 18th meeting the Nominating/Search Committee recommended to the Standing Committee that the search be shifted by 60-90 days.  The Standing Committee has approved that recommendation. The release of the Profile is now scheduled for either September 1 to October 1.  The committee will continue to function and revisiting the search. Calendar.  Stay safe and well.

Peace and Blessings,

Mike Mitchell     

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