Deputies and Alternate Deputies Prepare for Convention

Utah Diocesan Deputies and Alternates to General Convention have been preparing for the upcoming General

Convention in Austin, Texas, starting July 5. The deputation has been meeting regularly since March to review

and discuss legislation that guides the church in the once every three-year event.

Resolutions for this convention include the following areas: Theology of Episcopal Evangelism, Face to Face and in Cyber Space; recommendations from the Task Force on Marriage created by the 2015 General Convention; recommendations from the Task Force on the Episcopate (our bishops); proposed changes to the

Constitution and Canons; recommendations on improving the safeguarding of all persons; recommended updates of Church liturgies and music; a special dialogue on sexual violence and harassment; and international issues such as the Israel-Palestine conflict and immigration policies. Another area of increasing focus addresses small congregations and bi-vocational clergy models. The deputation has one more meeting to complete its preparations before leaving for Austin.

Also, Bishop Scott B. Hayashi will be representing the diocese at the House of Bishops at General Convention. Please pray for the deputation and for the whole of the Convention.

Deputies and Alternates going to Austin to the House of Deputies include:

The Rev. Trace Browning

The Rev. Isabel Gonzalez

Canon Steve Hutchinson

The Rev. Mary Janda

Ms. Nancy Tanner

The Rev. Cn. Pablo Ramos

Mr. David Reed

Ms. Rhonda Uber

The Rev. Vanessa Cato (Clergy Alternate)

Ms. Sandy Motes (Lay Alternate)

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