A letter from your Transition Committee on the Election & Consecration of the 12th Bishop of Utah

Dear Friends in Christ,

As Co-Chairs of the Bishop Transition Committee, we write to inform you of our ongoing work
as a committee.

Coming in January, the Standing Committee, thanks to the work of the Nominating Committee,
will report to the Diocese the names of the priests nominated for consideration as the next
Bishop of Utah.

For nearly six months now, your Transition Committee has been preparing for this day and the
incredibly important work that follows. The Transition Committee has organized ourselves into
seven subcommittees to facilitate our many responsibilities: Meet & Greet, Electing
Convention, Support of Bishop Elect & Family, Consecration, Consecration and Retirement
Celebrations, Communications, Support of Diocesan Staff.

Our immediate task is to welcome the candidates to this Diocese during the discernment
process that culminates in the election of the 12th Bishop of Utah on April 30th and to help you,
the faithful of this Diocese, and your clergy and lay deputies gather all the information
necessary to discern, with the Holy Spirit, the person to lead us as bishop.

Once the candidates are announced, their names will be released with written biographical
material. Shortly, thereafter, we will ask each candidate to produce a short (less than 3 minute)
video to share more about themselves and their desire to serve this diocese.

The week of April 4-8 is our “Meet & Greet Week” where all the candidates will be here in the
diocese for in-person gatherings. We will have final details about this soon, but the current
schedule calls for candidates to be at several parishes (with proper social distancing) for Q & A
discussions. We will also have a live stream of the in-person gatherings for you to view. There
will be a form on the webpage where you can submit questions you would like asked.

The electing convention on April 30th will be immediately following the conclusion of Diocesan
Convention. While clergy & lay deputies are free to vote their conscience, we encourage every
parishioner to share their views with your lay deputies and clergy. The electing convention will
be able to be viewed online in real time, and we will arrange for the bishop-elect, once
discerned and elected, to speak to us all at the end of the convention via video.

Please inform your clergy if you feel called to be an electing lay deputy from your parish. Lay
deputies will be elected at annual parish meetings in January.

Following the election of our 12th bishop, in late July or August (date to be determined), we will
have a celebration of the ministry of our 11th Bishop, Scott Hayashi and his wonderful wife,
Amy. We are grateful to Bishop Scott for his ministry and all he has brought to us. We continue
to hold him in prayer as he approaches his retirement in September 2022.

The final task of your Transition Committee will be the consecration and seating of our new
bishop, another holy and grand affair. The consecration, led by Presiding Bishop Michael Curry,
is set for Saturday, Sept 17th at the historic Capitol Theater in downtown Salt Lake City, followed
by the formal seating of the new bishop on Sunday Sept 18th at the Cathedral of St Mark. We
will need lots of volunteers to help make these truly special occasions for everyone.
We know you will join us in making the candidates feel at home here in Utah. If you have any
questions at all, get in touch with one of us via email. See below.

Throughout this process, we are observing all the appropriate Covid regulations and
precautions. We want everyone to be safe.

We encourage you to visit the bishop search website during the Transition period for the latest
information. Here is the direct link: www.utahbishopsearch.org It is also linked to the
diocesan website. www.episcopal-ut.org

Over the next few months, we ask for your prayers for everyone involved in the discernment,
election, celebration, consecration, and seating of the 12th Bishop of Utah. This is truly an
exciting time to be an Episcopalian in The Diocese of Utah!

The Transition Committee
Russ Pack and Nancy Tanner, Co-Chairs
russpack@outlook.com and nbtanner@aol.com

As we look toward the future, we remind you to save two dates on your calendar:

April 30, 2022:
Special Convention to elect the
12th Bishop of the Episcopal Church of Utah

September 17, 2022:
Ordination/Consecration of the
12th Bishop of the Episcopal Church of Utah

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